Equip Your Entire Family to Defend the Christian Faith

As more and more young people walk away from God, Christian parents are asking themselves… How can I equip myself and my kids to know and defend the truth?

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Evolution in your own living room?

Have you ever overheard your children’s favorite TV show say: “Hey, kids, did you know that billions of years ago…”?

Or have your kids ever come home from school asking questions about how Genesis can be true if God made humans millions of years after dinosaurs? Or about why their textbook tells them we came from a pile of goo?

We’re in a battle for the minds and hearts of our children.

Our kids are bombarded every day with anti-biblical messages about evolution, creation, abortion, sexuality and gender.

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We're in a spiritual battle for the next generation.

What the battle for your children's minds looks like:

As a homeschooling mom of five kids, Laura is busy trying to teach her children and keep daily chores under control. So in order to wash dishes, cook dinner, or change the laundry, she has her kids watch educational shows. That way, at least they’re learning!

But 15 minutes into her kids’ favorite science show, the program begins spewing “facts” about how humans evolved and are related to apes and how the whole universe came into existence eons ago with a big bang.

Instead of turning on the TV and having her kids learn, she finds they’re being indoctrinated with ideas that contradict Scripture.

Laura isn’t the only one facing this problem.

We have a spiritual enemy who’s trying to win the hearts of an entire generation—and he’s using secular culture and media to do it.

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Young people are rejecting God at an unprecedented rate.

If you don’t think secular culture has had a major impact on young people’s lives, consider these research findings from Barna Group:

As kids increasingly walk away from God, the media they consume is becoming increasingly secular.

It’s quickly becoming the norm for TV shows aimed at children to depict good as evil and vice versa. They show homosexuality and transgenderism as healthy and portray premarital sex as harmless “self-discovery.”

We don’t tell you this to scare you—we say it to show you that the battle for the souls and minds of our young people is very real.

So what do we do?

At Answers in Genesis, we respond by offering content that helps Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.

But what about the other media content your kids consume?

Even though many Christian parents are diligent to provide their kids with educational material that aligns with Scripture, that’s only half the battle.

The barrage of secular messages in TV shows and movies often negate those biblical lessons.

That’s why we launched Answers.tv.

That's why we launched Answers.tv.

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Videos to equip the entire family to defend and proclaim the Christian faith

Our video streaming platform, Answers.tv, provides fun and engaging videos, series, and movies to help you and your kids defend the Christian faith.

With over 3,000 videos, Answers.tv provides an invaluable resource for Christian parents who want to supplement their kids’ education or simply take advantage of our family-friendly entertainment.

On Answers.tv, your kids can enjoy fun videos that teach them about science, animals, creation, the age of the earth, and the Bible.

When you sign up for Answers.tv, you get immediate access to all of Answers in Genesis’ videos and live streams as well as videos from ministries we trust.


Do you want your kids to...

  • Know why they believe Jesus is the only way?
  • Understand how science affirms a young earth and the account of creation in Genesis?
  • Stand firm in their faith when a peer or teacher challenges their beliefs?
  • Have reasonable evidence to defend the Christian faith?

If so, you’ll love our videos on Answers.tv!

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What Answers.tv Users Are Saying:


After watching several episodes of “Hike and Seek,” one user said her 7-year-old and 10-year-old were hooked on the series. She writes:

“My family LOVES this! My kids really enjoy nature documentaries, but it gets tough to always have to pause the episodes to talk about worldview differences and point out when authors are operating from a secular worldview that isn’t consistent with the Bible. This show is a breath of fresh air!”

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Another user said her family had a similar reaction after watching “Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures.” Here are her exact words:

“My kids ask for this one over and over because ‘It’s the best!’”

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But make no mistake—kids aren’t the only ones enjoying our videos. One user wrote to us:

“These may be for kids, but I’m 80 and I’m enjoying them.”

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And that's just what they're saying about our kids shows.

We have thousands more videos made to equip teens and adults with the truth about science and evolution as well as culture issues like abortion, religious freedom, marriage and sexuality.

Our viewers also enjoy our live-streamed discussions about the latest science and culture news through the lens of a biblical worldview with Answers News.

One viewer says:

“This is by far my favorite show. You folks are such a blessing, and we are praying for you all.”

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What You Get with Answers.tv

When you sign up for Answers.tv, you get immediate access to our vast library of thousands of videos. (And it’s growing every day!)

Some of our best-loved shows and videos on Answers.tv:

wild brothers adventure

The Wild Brothers Adventures

Join these homeschooled missionary brothers as they navigate the deep jungle and explore God’s amazing creation. Learn about the wildlife and tribal life of the South Sea Islands as this family seeks to spread the message of the gospel.

Living Waters

Living Waters

Follow Ray Comfort as he interviews people in each episode and explores their beliefs about God, mankind, and culture. Get ready to witness the undeniable power of the gospel to touch hearts, refute lies, and expose deceptions within every interview.

Dinosaurs and More

Dinosaurs and More

Kids love dinosaurs! But Christian parents like you are understandably cautious about secular TV shows that teach from a worldview of millions of years. This in-depth teaching by Ken Ham shows kids and adults the truth about dinosaurs and what the Bible and science really say.

coronavirus answerstv movie

Should We Lose Sleep Over the Coronavirus?

Ken Ham presents the facts about the COVID-19 pandemic—and how the Bible says we should respond. Learn how the apostle Peter’s miraculous escape from prison in Acts 12 applies to the dreaded pandemic we’re facing today.

... plus thousands more on-demand videos for the whole family.


Each one of our videos features reliable information that supports the truth of God’s Word. 

There’s something for everyone in your family—kids, teens, and adults. With our videos, your family can take a unified stand against our culture’s unbiblical messages.


“But what if I need more in-depth answers?”

That’s where Kevin found himself. As a father and husband trying to shepherd his family well, he struggled when he couldn’t answer his kids’ deeper questions about God, evolution, and the Bible.

“Daddy, you say the earth is only 6,000 years old,” his 8-year-old, Carrie, said. “But how do you really know that?”

Kevin mumbled, “Ah, well, you see, there’s some evidence for a young earth that creation scientists have found.”

“What kind of evidence?” Carrie asked.

Kevin didn’t quite know how to answer his daughter’s question. He wanted a resource he could refer back to that offered in-depth answers to his kids’ burning questions (and his own!).

That’s where our quarterly Answers magazine comes in.



Answers magazine equips Christian teens and adults with in-depth and well-researched answers to culture’s biggest lies.

Plus, each issue of Answers comes with a bonus magazine for children called Kids Answers.

So while Kevin is reading his favorite articles in Answers, his little ones are learning about science and the Bible with fun activities and engaging stories. (And the kids love the stunning nature photos!)

Answers magazine offers in-depth learning for everyone in your family.



Discover the resources Laura and Kevin found for themselves and their kids with…

A yearlong subscription to Answers.tv and Answers magazine!

Add even more value to your Answers.tv subscription by getting our quarterly magazine, Answers.

And remember, with each issue of Answers magazine, you receive a special bonus issue for your younger children: Kids Answers.



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What you get with Answers magazine:

Each issue of Answers magazine offers insight into some of the biggest questions Christians have about science and their faith. Our well-researched articles are written by creation scientists, Bible scholars and other Christian experts.

Plus, every article highlights stunning photos that you and the entire family will enjoy.

Take a look at one of our recent issues:

Creation Care

Creation Care

When it comes to creation care, Christians have a deeper calling than secular environmentalists.

Learn your biblical mandate for subduing and caring for our earth. It starts with understanding God’s beautiful creation!

Share Intriguing Truth About God's Creation

An ongoing stream of accolades and awards prove that Answers magazine is highly appreciated and respected by laymen and experts. And creation topics are our core! There is no better way to keep cutting-edge information coming to your home and protecting the faith of your family.

Intriguing Truth
Secular Culture

Win Against the Secular Culture

No other Christian periodical is as effective in equipping you to confront and win the daily battle your family must fight against the faith-shattering lie known as evolution.

It's vital that Christians are informed and equipped to engage the culture with answers on the many social issues of the day.

Learn Easy-To-Understand Creation Science

The secular media forces a constant barrage of anti-Christian, pro-evolution data into your home. But with Answers magazine, you get the real story behind the evolution hype. In reality, the evidence strongly supports biblical creation. And with captivating articles by trusted experts, you’ll see why!

Easy Science

What Ray Comfort thinks about Answers magazine

"This magazine is an amazing tool for evangelism, and for Christian growth. I look forward to every new issue. It is so beautifully and professionally done! Whatever you do, don't miss it!"

Ray Comfort Living Waters

Ray Comfort

Get a free bonus of Kids Answers with every issue!

Kids Answers is also updated, expanded and enhanced! Now 16 big pages, each issue includes…

  • Fun animal facts
  • Exciting science facts
  • Engaging biblical apologetics
  • An experiment
  • At least two write-on activity pages
  • The all-new "Wander Family" teaching stories

Kids aged 7 to 11 years old get excited when Kids Answers hits their doorstep. And adults love Kids Answers too!

“As a ‘grandpa’ to nearly 20 fun-loving grandchildren, I see the need and impact of the expanded Kids Answers section more than ever!”

Dale Mason Publisher, Answers Magazine | Author, "The 10-Minute Bible Journey"

Dale Mason

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At Answers in Genesis, we take our faith seriously—and we know you do, too. Learn how to take your stand as a family with our extensive video platform and quarterly magazine.

We hope you take advantage of these incredible resources for the whole family today. Here’s to defending the faith with truth!

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